How to setup zoom levels in Chrome – for all or just specific web sites

Here is everything you need to know to manage page zoom levels in Google Chrome.

Sometimes you need to make a web page bigger. Or smaller. There are times when you frequently use the zoom. There are times when you just need to zoom one web site.

Fortunately, Google Chrome has all the options you need. Unfortunately, they are not that intuitive and you kinda need to dig thru the menus and settings page to find them. But it’s doable and not at all difficult.

Let’s see both use cases.

How to setup zoom level for all sites in Chrome

To change the default zoom for every page you open in Chrome you need to go to Settings > Appearance > Page Zoom and choose your desired level.

Use this URL if your reading this in Chrome.

The percent you pick here will be used for all the sites you will visit from now on.

How to Set Default Zoom Levels For Specific Sites in Chrome

To set an individual zoom level, just for one site, you have a few options:

  • Use the Zoom option in Chrome’s main menu
  • Pres CTRL and + or CTRL and – simultaneously to zoom in and out
  • Roll the scroll wheel from your mouse up and down while holding CTRL to go up and down one level

To reset the zoom level for the active web site press CTRL0

How to Remove Saved Zoom Levels

Chrome will automatically memorize zoom level per web site. So, at one time you mat find yourself with many different zoom levels that will make web pages look weird.

To remove saved zoom levels go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings and scroll down until you see “Zoom levels”. Click on it and you will see all the individual zoom levels that Chrome saved over time.

This about everything that can help you with zoom levels in Google Chrome. Good luck!

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