How to play music on YouTube in the background for free (Android, iPhone and iPad)

Listen to YouTube music in the background on your smartphone or tablet for free with this neat trick.

For many years YouTube is doing his asshole move of limiting background playback for paying users. It’s a bad idea even for them, as just they could use this to throw us some ads and make more money in the process.

But, as it is, you can’t listen music in the background on YouTube. Except with this neat trick that we’ll explain for both Android and iOS as it’s working quire similar.

This is what you need to do to listen music from YouTube in the background

  • Open a YouTube song in Chrome (Android) or Safari (iPhone and iPad);
  • Make sure you use the desktop option. On Android tap the three dots menu and tap “Desktop site” from the menu. On iPhone/iPad tap the aA button and choose Request Desktop Version. On newer iPads, Safari would automatically use the desktop version;
  • Hit play if you need to;
  • Go to the home screen (music will pause because of the asshole YouTube strategy);
  • On Android: Pull down the notifications and hit play on the Chrome widget. You may need to press the button a few times, but it will work.
  • On iPhone/iPad: Pull down the Control Center from the top right of the screen and press the play button (also try pressing a few times if it doesn’t start immediately).

It’s an easy trick we hope you’ll find useful for listening YouTube music in the background.

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