🎵 How to Play Your Own Music on YouTube Music

Use YouTube Music to play music stored on your own device.

YouTube Music is still some way from comparing to Spotify, but it seems to be getting there, though rather slowly.

And there are few unique feature the YouTube Music has to it’s advantage. Like the fact that it benefits from user uploaded music, songs you won’t find on other platforms because of licensing issues.

Among those features there is an option that lets you play you local music – the music you have on your phone, for example. And this is a great feature for many users, and one that Spotify doesn’t offer yet.

Here’s how to enable local music playing on YouTube Music

1. Open the app setting from the menu that you can access by tapping your profile photo;

2. Enter the first section there – Library & downloads;

3. Enable “Show device files”. If asked, allow access to your files for the app.

How to actually play your own music on YouTube Music

Now, to play your own music, go to Library and then Songs or Albums Or Artists.

On the Songs section, you can use the “Shuffle all” option to randomly play all the songs on your phone.

That’s it. Now, if only Spotify would add this feature, that would be awesome. 😉

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