How to enable the Windows 10 Dark Mode

Windows 10 Dark Mode: How to enable it

Windows 10 Dark Mode is a new feature of Microsoft’s operating system that makes it easier on your eyes to read the screen.

Not only you will protect your eyes with the new Windows 10 Dark Mode, but it will consume less energy on a device with an OLED screen.

The new Dark Mode was made available by the latest Windows 10 update so you must install the available updates for your PC is you want to use it.

Enabling the Windows 10 Dark Mode

To enable the new Dark Mode, click the Start button and open the system settings.

Go to Personalization and there enter the Colors section of the page.

Scroll down until you see the “Choose your default app mode” option. Check “Dark” if you want to use the new Dark Mode.

That’s pretty much it, you have enabled the Dark Mode on your Window 10 device.

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How does the new Dark Mode work

The new Windows 10 Dark Mode will not magically make all your apps dark. It need support from the app developers to work.

Basically, by enabling the Dark Mode you tell Windows to automatically use is app when it is available in an app.

If an app does not support Dark Mode, enabling this option will have no effect.

Currently, excepting Microsoft apps, there are very few apps that support this mode.

How to enable the Windows 10 Dark Mode

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