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How to secure WhatsApp with FaceID or TouchID

WhatsApp has added support for biometric security measures on the iPhone, and can now be further secured by a facial or fingerprint scanning.

Without any previous announcement from the manufacturer, the latest version of WhatsApp for Apple’s smartphones has added a biometric security feature, which lets users secure their chats with FaceID or TouchID, depending on their model and personal preferences.

Older iPhone models can now be secured by fingerprint scanning, and iPhones from the past two years can be secured by fingerprint or facial scanning.

The new option can be enabled via Settings – Account – Privacy – Screen Lock. Once enabled, the user will be prompted to authenticate with the method they chose when opening the application.

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WhatsApp will require biometric authentication even if the user did the same while unlocking the phone. This is, in fact, the role of the new option, which is intended to act as an extra layer of security.

Interacting with notifications and replying to calls through WhatsApp will still be possible without biometric authentication, even if the new option has been previously enabled.

WhatsApp using FaceID or TouchID on iPhone
How to secure WhatsApp with FaceID or TouchID (iPhone)

It is said that a similar feature will arrive soon on Android, but the exact date it is not known.

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