Waze: How to create a route on the web and send it to your phone

You can now setup a route on the Waze website and send it to your phone so you can easily start it on your smartphone.

Waze’s newest feature is the ability to configure a route on their website and then send it to your phone. The idea here is that it’s easier to setup the route on a bigger screen and just follow it on your phone when you drive.

You need to access waze.com/livemap. Here you’ll create your route like you do on any other mapping service, like Google Maps.

You’ll then have the option to take the route to your phone on the upper left. Using that will create a QR code.

On your phone, you need to scan that QR code with your camera. It will show you a link that needs to be opened in Waze. The app will automatically set you on the course designed by the route you made on the web.

It’s pretty easy but it could have been easier. Instead of a QR code, I would have preferred the option to save the route on directly on my app when I’m logged in both the website and the app. But it’s a start.

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