Vodafone named world leader for Machine-to-Machine services for the fifth consecutive year

For the fifth consecutive year, Vodafone has been named by Gartner as the world’s leading machine-to-machine (M2M) service, according to the Magic Quadrant * report, for its execution capability and comprehensive vision.

“We believe Gartner’s leadership positioning for Vodafone for the fifth consecutive year is a record and recognition of our outstanding progress in the Internet of Things as well as a strong leadership and innovative position in the market,” said Stefano Gastaut, IoT Director, Vodafone Group.

The latest IoT Barometer shows that IoT projects are getting bigger, the number of large-scale solutions being doubled in the last year and 61% of companies agree that digital transformation is impossible without IoT.

The Gartner World Magic Quadrant report on Machine-to-Machine services is available here.

In Romania, Vodafone has been providing M2M personalized solutions since 2003 for many industries such as retail, automotive, logistics and utilities. M2M’s portfolio covers a wide range of needs, from fleet management, telemetry, remote management of vending machines, and security and surveillance of homes and office buildings.

In September 2018, Vodafone Romania took a step forward in an era of people and interconnected devices by launching the first NB-IoT network in South Eastern Europe ready to offer companies the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of solutions and applications designed to improve and streamline business processes.

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