How to make your tweets visibile only to the people you follow

Want some privacy on Musk’s Twitter? Then protect your posts so they can’t be seen by everyone.

Twitter can be a real jungle full savage animals sometimes and they really ruin you mood. We all know how bad it gets when the trolls won’t stop trolling. Read more

How to crop an image on macOS

Cropping an image on macOS with the preinstalled tools is not as straight forward as it should, but it’s doable.

Most of us know to use the basic actions of Apple Photos on an iPhone or Mac. But what about an image outside Apple Maps, like one you have downloaded from the internet. Read more

How to send encrypted messages on Instagram

Did you knew that you can encrypt messages sent over Instagram? 

Instagram has started testing end-to-end encryption for messages sent between its users. This allows your messages to be protected by encryption, so that no-one else can read them even of they intercept that data. Read more

How to change the video quality for Netflix’s downloads

When you use the download option to watch Netflix content offline, you can opt for a smaller file or a better video quality. 

The download option that many streaming services offer, including Netflix, is great for when you don’t have a good internet connection.  Read more

How to open any web article without ads and other annoyances on your iPhone

The reading mode available on iPhone can be used automatically so that every web article you open on Safari will strip it down of unwanted stuff like autoplaying videos and ads.

For many years, Safari had a so called reading mode, that you can easily enable by holding down the aA button on its address bar. But, there is an option to always make Safari load articles in this reading mode. Read more