How to quickly update all of your iPhone apps

If don’t wanna wait or rely on the automatic update system of your iPhone, you can easily and manually update all your apps with a single tap.

The automatic update option for your iPhone apps is ok, cause it takes away the worry of having the latest versions (yes, it’s a thing).

But it only occurs when the phone is charging so that it doesn’t affect the phone’s autonomy.

But you can always manually update any of your apps or all of them at once.

You do this in the App Store. On the front page, tap your profile picture from the upper right corner of the screen.

This will take you to your account page. A little bit lower is the updates list. You may need to scroll down and release to refresh the list.

Here, you can update all or just one app that has an update coming.

That’s it! This is available for all the recent iPhones.

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