How to use unit conversion on iPhone

Few people know that the latest iOS version has a unit conversion feature that you can use in some of your apps. 

One of the least known new features of iOS 16 is the unit conversion. It can be used in apps with some kind of text like Notes or iMessages. 

Let’s take Notes for example. 

You have a note in which you stumble upon a length of 10 miles and you wonder how much is that in kilometers. 

What you do is select that text so that the copy&paste menu is shown. Now, on that menu scroll all the way to the right and you’ll see that length converted in your local unit of measurement. 

You will also observe that after you’re done editing a note the units in your text are highlighted like a link. 

If you tap that link you’ll get a menu which not only converts miles in kilometers, but also lets you copy the value. 

Cool and useful, right?

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