How to Switch Your Twitter Timeline to Chronological Order

If you hate the algorithmic ranking of Twitter’s Timeline, we have good news for you. You can now revert back to the chronological order of your timeline.

It’s not o trick per se, but a new feature from Twitter, which realized their users really miss this feature and it hurts their engagement.

So they decided to bring an option that lets you easily switch from the algorithmic timeline to the chronological one on viceversa.

It’s really simple. You just have to touch the star button that resides now in the upper right part the Twitter app and choose the “See latest Tweets instead” from the menu.

Likewise, if you wanna revert to the algorithmic ranking, you just press that same button and choose the “Go back Home” option from the menu that appears on the bottom of the screen.

We even have a short video tutorial to show you how it’s done:

Just remember that it’s a new feature that gradually rolls out. So if you don’t see the new button yet, jest a few day and it will show up.

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