How to clear Twitter cache to free up space on your iPhone

You need to clear the cache on Twitter and other apps to make more storage space available on your iPhone.

Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t have a universal cache clearing option. iOS can’t clear the space used by your apps without removing them.

So you need to rely on the options every app offer to clear the cache when this becomes a problem. Some apps tend to have a huge cache and need to be dealt with

În Twitter’s case, you need to dig deep into the settings page to find these options.

Here’s how to clear Twitter’s cache on iPhone;

  • Open de sidebar and tap Settings;
  • Go to Accessibility, display and language;
  • Next enter Data usage;
  • Here you see two option under Storage – Media storage and Web storage;
  • Enter each one of them and tap the Clear storage button.

And this is how you clear cache on Twitter.

From time to time, when Twitter gets big once more, you need to go over this again to clear some space.

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