How to save a Live Photo as a video so that you can post in on Instagram or TikTok

În this article you will learn how can you post a Live Photo on social media by converting it first into a video.

Live Photos are kinda cool. What’s not cool si that your Android friends can’t see them because only iPhone can interpret them.  Read more

How to disable Chrome extensions

When you want to temporarily stop an extension from running in the Chrome browser, you can just disable it without uninstalling it, so that you can re-enable it at a later time.

As opposed to remove, disable is an option that keeps the extension installed, but stops it from functioning until it’s re-enabled. Read more

How to use the Favorites option on TikTok

On TikTok, you can you use the Favorites feature to save a video you like so that you can easily find it later.

How to add a TikTok video to Favorites

To add to your Favorites list a video on TikTok you can use the bookmark icon that you see on the right side of every clip.  Read more

How to use unit conversion on iPhone

Few people know that the latest iOS version has a unit conversion feature that you can use in some of your apps. 

One of the least known new features of iOS 16 is the unit conversion. It can be used in apps with some kind of text like Notes or iMessages.  Read more

How to quickly update all of your iPhone apps

If don’t wanna wait or rely on the automatic update system of your iPhone, you can easily and manually update all your apps with a single tap.

The automatic update option for your iPhone apps is ok, cause it takes away the worry of having the latest versions (yes, it’s a thing). Read more