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The next version of Android will bring greater battery life

Android Q will have a dark graphic that will help increase autonomy by reducing the power consumption of OLED screens.

At the end of last year, Google said it made a mistake by using so much white in the design of it’s products.

Google then promised to start working on the Android interface and its own applications to add a so-called dark mode, based especially on dark colors.

References discovered by developers in the source code of a test version of the upcoming Android version seem to confirm that Android Q will include an optional dark mode that will work at the operating system level.

Choosing this mode will bring a dark background and white text into several sections of the operating system. In addition, there seems to be an option that will force this mode also on applications that use other colors.

Though it reacts late, Google’s changes are especially welcome for smartphones with OLED screens. Because in this case each pixel has its own light, the more dark colors are used, the less energy is consumed.

For example, if an app’s background is black, those pixels will be shut down and they will not consume power. This way, screen consumption can be reduced, which is one of the biggest energy consumers on a smartphone.

Other phone manufacturers have thought about this approach before Google. OnePlus already includes a dark way on his phones, in which the background is black. And Samsung has announced that it will offer something similar from this year on.

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