How to pin messages on Telegram

Did you knew that you can pin any message on Telegram, so you can easily find the later?

We’ve all been through this: wasting time on searching a specific message from a friend. In all that that chitchat, there is, sometimes, important information we need.

Sure, apps let you search in chats, but what can you do when you don’t know what to search for?

Pin is a better solution for important messages. You pin an important message right when you receive it and you’ll easily find it afterwards.  And Telegram is one of the few chat apps that has this feature.

Here’s how to pin messages on Telegram

The Pin feature is found on the Telegram contextual menu. This menu is shown when you simply tap a message. Don’t long press, just tap the message.

In that menu you will find, among other, the Pin option.

You can Pin multiple messages and you can browse through them using the new navigator on top of the chat window. From that same navigator you can open a window with all pin messages and unpin them, when you don’t need them anymore.

Here’s a video that will show you exactly how you can use pinned messages on Telegram.

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