How to hide your phone number in Telegram

For privacy reasons, you should hide your phone number in Telegram.

Like WhatsApp and other chat apps, Telegram identifies you by your phone number. This also means that your phone number is at risk.

ID theft, spam, robocalls are of the dangers that can start with your phone number. And for this, it’s wise idea to make sure that your phone number is not public.

Better yes, set it to private or visible just for your friends in Telegram.

Here’s how: go to Telegram Settings > Privacy and Security and enter Phone Number.

There you can select My Contacts or Nobody for “Who can see my phone number”.

If you choose Nobody, then you have the option of letting or not friends find you by you phone number – implying that your friends already know your phone number.

Also, you can setup exceptions so that only specific people can see your phone number or find you using it.

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