How to setup Telegram to automatically delete messages after a while

This is a hidden Telegram gem: an option to auto delete messages after a set period of time.

One of the many features that make Telegram so much better than pretty much any other chat app is the ability to sent auto destroying messages – messages that delete themselves after a while.

It’s not one of those obvious features, but once setup, it work like a charm.

Here’s how to activate de auto delete option on Telegram

  • Long press any message from the chat that you want to use this feature on until it will show you a menu with some options;
  • From that menu pick Select;
  • Not tap Clear Chat on the top right corner of the window;
  • Another menu will be shown. Here tap Enable Auto-Delete;
  • Now you just have to pick one of the two options: after one day, or after one week.

That’s it.

Keep in mind that you can disable this feature in the same way.

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