YouTube lowers monetization eligibility

You can now start earring money faster with your YouTube channel.

In a move aimed at empowering creators with smaller followings, YouTube has announced significant changes to its monetization policies. The platform is reducing the eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), granting more creators access to various monetization methods such as paid chat, tipping, channel memberships, and shopping features. Read more

How to turn off autoplay on YouTube

If you are not a fan of autoplay on video streaming platforms, you’ll be happy to know that even on YouTube this can be turned off.

Video streaming platforms have the annoying habit of turning on autoplay by default, trying to make you watch more stuff and, in some cases, more ads. Read more

How to clear your YouTube watch history 

You can clear your YouTube watch history to protect your privacy and delete some of the data Google keeps about you.

YouTube keeps a list of everything you watch. This can be useful when you want to find fast a clip you watched some time ago. Read more

This is the best internet trick you’ll learn this year

With this trick, you can disable ads on YouTube and bypass paywalls at the same time.

Due to a error on some of the websites, you can enjoy their content without ads or paying.

As this smart developer explains, websites forget to normalize the hostname and the content is served without a hostname to match on the web browser.

Because of this, no cookies are used and the Cross-origin resource sharing is broken.

What this mean is that you can put a dot after the domain on YouTube to watch video without any ads.

Instead of use

This won’t last forever. I assume YouTube will rush to fix it but it will be useful while it lasts.

The same dot can be used to bypass paywalls like that from NY Times or Washington Post.

In this case, the URL should look like this:

How to play music on YouTube in the background for free (Android, iPhone and iPad)

Listen to YouTube music in the background on your smartphone or tablet for free with this neat trick.

For many years YouTube is doing his asshole move of limiting background playback for paying users. It’s a bad idea even for them, as just they could use this to throw us some ads and make more money in the process.

But, as it is, you can’t listen music in the background on YouTube. Except with this neat trick that we’ll explain for both Android and iOS as it’s working quire similar.

This is what you need to do to listen music from YouTube in the background

  • Open a YouTube song in Chrome (Android) or Safari (iPhone and iPad);
  • Make sure you use the desktop option. On Android tap the three dots menu and tap “Desktop site” from the menu. On iPhone/iPad tap the aA button and choose Request Desktop Version. On newer iPads, Safari would automatically use the desktop version;
  • Hit play if you need to;
  • Go to the home screen (music will pause because of the asshole YouTube strategy);
  • On Android: Pull down the notifications and hit play on the Chrome widget. You may need to press the button a few times, but it will work.
  • On iPhone/iPad: Pull down the Control Center from the top right of the screen and press the play button (also try pressing a few times if it doesn’t start immediately).
  • Read more