🎵 How to Play Your Own Music on YouTube Music

Use YouTube Music to play music stored on your own device.

YouTube Music is still some way from comparing to Spotify, but it seems to be getting there, though rather slowly.

And there are few unique feature the YouTube Music has to it’s advantage. Like the fact that it benefits from user uploaded music, songs you won’t find on other platforms because of licensing issues. Read more

How to play music on YouTube in the background for free (Android, iPhone and iPad)

Listen to YouTube music in the background on your smartphone or tablet for free with this neat trick.

For many years YouTube is doing his asshole move of limiting background playback for paying users. It’s a bad idea even for them, as just they could use this to throw us some ads and make more money in the process. Read more

How to save music from YouTube as MP3

Wanna download a song from YouTube as MP3? Here’s how.

First off all, know that downloading stuff from YouTube is not a really good thing to do, as some may consider it stealing.

There are may ways to download video or just audio as in this case from YouTube. I will show you the easiest way to do it. Read more

YouTube background playback – listen music with YouTube in background

I know that for many people YouTube background playback is a dream, that they tried to do it but never succeeded. But it’s actually quite possible and I’ll show you how to do it.