You’ll soon be able to play Android Games on Windows

This year, Google will launch a native Windows app for Google Play Games, that you will be able to use to play games made for Android.

Until then, the american giant already started a limited beta test that lets some user play Android Games on their Windows PC. So far, the test is only available in Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. Read more

How to show hidden files on Windows

Here’s how to make hidden file show up on your Windows PC.

The hidden attribute is often enabled on sensible files, that the developers don’t want people to mess with.

But, sometimes, people just hide files like this from others, when de “show hidden file” in Windows is disable.

  • So here’s how to make Windows show hidden file:
  • Open Windows Explorer;
  • Switch to View tab and click the Options button;
  • In the new window go, again, to the View tab;
  • Under “Hidden files an folders” click on “Show hidden files, folder, or drives”.
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    How to Remove Weather and News from Windows 10

    Here’s to get rig of the new Weather and News feature from Windows 10.

    Windows 10 has new feature – a weather and news section put directly on the taskbar.

    While some users may find it useful, other might not like it at all and want it gone. If you’re among the last group, we got you covered.

    The new Weather and News feature is implemented as a taskbar toolbar and it can be disabled just like any other toolbar:

    • Right click on the taskbar;
    • Hover “News and interests” on the menu with your cursor;
    • Now, just click “Turn off” on the submenu.

    To bring Weather and News back, do the same steps, but on the last one click on “Show icon and text”.

    How to Clear Your Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

    Here’s how to clear your browsing history in Microsoft’s web browser, the new Edge.

    Clearing browsing history is mainly a privacy option, that you can use to clear your tracks.

    But, it can be more than that. When the cache size gets bigger, clearing it can lead to better functioning for a browser, especially on a slower system.

    So, no matter the reason, it’s recommended to clear the cache from time to time.

    Here’s how to clear browsing history in Microsoft Edge:

  • Open the main menu by clicking on the three dots button next to your profile picture;
  • Choose Settings from the menu;
  • Go to the “Privacy, search and services” section;
  • Under “Clear browsing data” click the “Choose what to clear” button;
  • Finally select what to clear for what period and time and just click “Clear now”.
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    How to enable or disable vertical tabs on Microsoft Edge

    This is how to enable vertical tabs on Microsoft Edge. Vertical tabs are practical and cool!

    The Chromium based Edge browser is the first to integrate a vertical tab bar, that will use the vertical space of your display to show your opened tabs.

    And because most monitors are wide, vertical tabs are a more efficient way of using screen estate. That is, if moving tabs on a vertical list free up a horizontal row to give you more space for the actual web pages.

    Switching to vertical tabs in Edge is quite easy. You just have to click the new vertical tabs button, which now comes first on the tab bar.

    Use the same button to switch back to the classical horizontal tab bar.

    In the present Edge iteration, vertical tabs is a feature only partially implemented. Activating vertical tabs, doesn’t free up a horizontal row in the browser window, as the title bar remains visible.

    In a feature version of the browser, the title bar will be gone when using vertical tabs. So we just need to be pacient.