See and copy the Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone

You can finally see the wifi password on your iPhone and also copy it to use it somewhere else.

With the new iOS 16, your iPhone will finally show your wifi password after it makes sure it’s you by using Face ID. Read more

How to find and share saved WiFi passwords on Android (20 seconds video tutorial)

Want to find the WiFi password on an Android smartphone or share a WiFi network with a friend? Search no more.

Android has a little known feature than not only lets you easily share access to a saved WiFi network, but also shows you the password used to access the network.

Follow this steps if you want to find your WiFi password or share it with others via a scannable QR code.

  • Open your smartphone’s settings and go to the WiFi section (it might be called Connections or something similar);
  • In there, tap Wi-Fi;
  • You’ll see your network’s name. Tap the gear icon on it’s right;
  • On the next screen tap Share;
  • (Enter your phone PIN or scan your fingerprint if asked);
  • You’ll now see two thing: a QR code and the actual password of your current network.
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