How to quickly delete a photo from WhatsApp for iPhone

It only take 2-3 taps to delete a photo from WhatsApp for iPhone.

If you opened a photo on WhatsApp until now to deleted, you wasted a few more seconds you should. There is a faster way to do that.

The faster way to delete a photo (or any message for that matter) on WhatsApp is to selected. You do this by long tapping that photo. Read more

How to setup a default timer for WhatsApp’s disappearing messages

WhatsApp disappearing messages – learn how make your chats delete themselves.

So, WhatsApp has a disappearing messages option for a while now, but that only worked for specific chats and they needed special attention.

But now, you can set all your messages disappear automatically after a specific period of time.

To do that, go to Settings – Account – Privacy – Default Message Timer.

There, you need to choose the amount of time after the messages will be automatically deleted. You have three options: 24 hours, 7 day and 90 days.

After picking, let’s say, 7 days, all your new chats will disappear after a week. Keep in mind that we’re talking about news chat, not your old ones.

How to use WhatsApp’s new sticker maker on the web and desktop

WhatsApp has a news sticker maker on it’s web and desktop apps. Here’s how you can use it.

WhatsApp is showing some love for it’s less regarded apps, like those for web and desktop, and it just lunched a sticker maker for those.

Using the new sticker maker is pretty straight forward.

You need to open an image, using the the paperclip icon and then selecting Sticker.

After that, you can add stickers and text like you would on you smartphone.

When you’re happy with the result, just press the send button and you’re done.

It’s good to see WhatsApp adding news features to it’s bear bone apps for desktop and web.

How to not let anyone know when your read their messages on WhatsApp

Learn how to disable Read Receipts on WhatsApp.

The Read Receipts option on WhatsApp and other messaging apps is a source of anxiety for many users.

It’s like your forced to immediately respond to a message, when you know that your friend knows that you’ve seen his or her message.

Very annoying, right?

So why not disable this source of anxiety? It’s easy enough.

So go to the Settings tab in WhatsApp. The go to Account – Privacy and just disable the Read Receipts option.

Now, your contacts won’t know when you read a message, but you won’t know when they read messages also.

How to move your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram

WhatsApp move chats Telegram