How to post 4K images on Twitter

Now you can upload hires images on Twitter! Here’s how.

Twitter finally enabled support for images up to 4K resolution, so you can post them on your profile.

But there is a catch. You have to enable 4K images support before Twitter allows you to post 4K images. Little bummer there, but nothing insurmountable. Read more

How to change your Twitter username

Want to change your Twitter username? Here’s how to do in  just a few seconds.

Comes a time when we grow up and realize that our Twitter username is too childish and we want to change it intro something more… mature. Or the other way around. Read more

How to stop the most annoying notifications from Twitter

Here’s a couple o thing you can do to stop the notifications you don’t need to see from Twitter.

We love Twitter, but as any other social network, it has the habit of abusing notifications to lure you back. Read more

How to limit replies to your tweets

Here’s how to limit who can reply your posts on Twitter.

So Twitter finally added to option to choose who can comment on your tweets. And it’s pretty straight forward option to use, easy to access and and understand. Read more

How to use multiple accounts on Twitter web

Learn how to add and use multiple accounts on the web version of Twitter.

Not long after the mobile apps, multiple accounts support comes to Twitter web. And it’s just as easy to use.

How to add a second account on Twitter

  • Click your profile on the lower left of the page;
  • Click Add an existing account;
  • Log in to your other account.

You are not limited to only two accounts. Read more