How to clear Twitter cache to free up space on your iPhone

You need to clear the cache on Twitter and other apps to make more storage space available on your iPhone.

Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t have a universal cache clearing option. iOS can’t clear the space used by your apps without removing them. Read more

How to turn off Twitter’s weird new sounds

Get annoyed by the new sounds that Twitter makes when refreshing your feed? Here’s how to disable them.

After failing to meet their revenue goals, Twitter thought that it’s a good idea to make a sound when users refresh their feed. Read more

How to hide posts containing specific words on Twitter

Use this trick to hide content that bothers you on Twitter.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter has a less known feature, that allows you to block posts containing specific words.

Say your sick and tired of reading about The Kardashians. In this case you just need to block the word “Kardashians”.

Here’s how you do it on an iPhone:

  • Open the post that contains a word that bothers you and select that word;
  • Scroll the contextual menu to get to the second row of buttons and select “Mute”;
  • Do the necessary changes in the next page and hit Save.
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    How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter

    Pin an important tweet to your profile like this.

    The pin feature on Twitter allows you so keep one of your tweets on top of your profile page.

    This is very useful for brands, but it also can be used bu end-users.

    And it’s pretty simple – just go to your profile and click the three dots menu on one of your tweets, then click “Pin to your profile” from the menu. Finally, confirm your option by choosing Pin when asked.

    You can also disable the pin by following the same steps and clicking “Unpin from profile” on the menu.

    How to post 4K images on Twitter

    Now you can upload hires images on Twitter! Here’s how.

    Twitter finally enabled support for images up to 4K resolution, so you can post them on your profile.

    But there is a catch. You have to enable 4K images support before Twitter allows you to post 4K images. Little bummer there, but nothing insurmountable.

    Here’s how to enable 4K support for images on Twitter

  • Open the left side menu and go to “Settings and privacy”;
  • Go to “Data usage” under “General”;
  • Open “High-quality image upload” and choose anything but the “Never” option.
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