Fastest way to share your location (iPhone)

Yep, it’s Google Maps. 

Sometimes you need to send your location fast. Maybe you’re meeting someone or you’re just lost. 

There are plenty of apps and ways to send your location. In fact, any app with access to your phones location data can do this.  Read more

This is the best internet trick you’ll learn this year

With this trick, you can disable ads on YouTube and bypass paywalls at the same time.

Due to a error on some of the websites, you can enjoy their content without ads or paying.

As this smart developer explains, websites forget to normalize the hostname and the content is served without a hostname to match on the web browser.

Because of this, no cookies are used and the Cross-origin resource sharing is broken.

What this mean is that you can put a dot after the domain on YouTube to watch video without any ads.

Instead of use

This won’t last forever. I assume YouTube will rush to fix it but it will be useful while it lasts.

The same dot can be used to bypass paywalls like that from NY Times or Washington Post.

In this case, the URL should look like this:

Windows 10: How to Enable and Use Clipboard History

Learn how to use Clipboard History in Windows 10 to speedup your copy pasting.

Few users know that Windows 10 includes a Clipboard History, with a list o text you copied, that you can access and reuse any time.

That’s because Microsoft does a poor job of communicating the many useful features that are included in the operating system.

Normally, the Clipboard History should be enabled by default. But you can check and do that manually by going to Settings – System – Clipboard. If not already enabled, turn on the Clipboard History option there.

Now to use the Clipboard History you have to press the Win key and “V” at the same time. This will open a list with text you recently copied.

The big advantage that Clipboard History brings is that you can copy and paste multiple text fragments, not just one.