Telegram: How to choose a quick reaction 

If you find yourself frequently using reactions on Telegram, you may want to save yourself some time by choosing a default reaction.

Telegram has a pretty well hidden option that allows you to set a default reaction you can use without effort. Read more

How to send a blurred photo on Telegram

Telegram has a feature that lets you save your friends of spoilers, by blurring the photo you send them.

One the less known Telegram options allows you to blur the photo you send to your friends, in case it could spoil a movie or anything else. Read more

How to forward multiple messages on Telegram

Did you knew that you can select and forward multiple messages at once on Telegram? Here’s how it’s done.

Multiple forward is just one more reason why Telegram si so much better than WhatsApp, even on it’s free version. Read more

How to clear Telegram cache to free up space on your phone

If Telegram starts to eat up your iPhone storage, maybe it’s time to do some cleaning.

As many other social apps, Telegram will start to occupy more on more storage space on your phone. It keeps on your phone stuff like photos and videos you send or receive from your friends. Read more

How to enable Picture in Picture for videos on Telegram

Use Picture in Picture to watch video on Telegram while using other apps on your smartphone. Here’s how.

Telegram recently added a Picture in Picture ode for its Android and iPhone apps. This option can came in handy for multitasking, if you want and can watch a video while doing something else on your phone. Read more