How to hide when you’re online on TikTok

Do this if you want some privacy on TikTok.  

Like other social platforms, TikTok thrives on your data and doesn’t give a rats ass on your privacy.

Among others, the network shows others your activity status, as in when you are using the app or not. Which is not cool for many people. Read more

How to post a Story on TikTok

Maybe you didn’t know, but TikTok has Stories too and even more easy to use than Instagram’s version.

Just like Snapchat, Instagram and other, TikTok added the Story format so that you can post efemer content, that will go away after 24 hours. Read more

The easiest way to download photos from Instagram

Bet you didn’t know it can be this easy to download photos from Instagram.

You don’t need any complex tools or programming knowledge to download photos from `Instagram. The social network itself has the necessary features you can you for this.

Here’s what you need to do.

    1. Press the Send button under the photo you want to download (right next to the comments button);
    2. Tap Add Post to Your Story;
    3. Next, tap the three dots button from the upper right corner;
    4. Finally, tap Save.
    5. Read more

  • How to easily switch between your Instagram accounts

    Do this to fast switch between multiple Instagram accounts.

    This is a really easy and neat trick for those of you that own more than just one Instagram account.

    Normally, to switch between accounts on the Instagram app, you would go to your profile and there you would select another account.

    But there is a better way. Much faster.

    You just need to long press the Instagram icon and, from the menu, just select the other account.

    That menu will always show you the last account you switched from. So this method is good if you don’t have more than two accounts.

    If you have more than two accounts, than just long press the profile pic in the lower right corner of the Instagram screen. There you’ll see all the accounts you logged in.

    How to add a link to Story on Instagram

    Yes, you CAN put a link to your website on an Instagram Story!

    After mounts of testing, in which only verified account could use it, the link option for Stories is finally officially launched and can be used by anyone on Instagram.

    By putting links in your stories, you can bring some more traffic to your website, if you have a large enough followers base.

    As with other Story feature, you will find the new link option on the stickers tab. Just select the Link sticker, paste a link, and place it somewhere on your story.

    It’s that easy!