Where to find Spotify Wrapped

It’s that time of the year and everybody’s curious what and how they’d listened on Spotify.

There are a couple of ways to get to the year end stats that Spotify shows in December under the Wrapped label. Read more

How to Get the Best Possible Sound Quality on Spotify

Want the best sound quality on Spotify? Here’s how to get it.

If you’re a premium Spotify subscriber, you can enjoy better sound quality then the free tier and better the most other streaming services.

By default, Spotify uses an automatic quality control that tries to give you better or lower quality sound by measuring your connection speed. This is OK if you have a slow connection and don’t want any interruptions.

But if your confident in your connection speed, you can force Spotify to serve you the best possible sound quality.

You’ll find this option in the Setting section on the mobile app. Scroll down until you see something called Music Quality.

There, you have two options: Streaming and Download. You can select for both the “Very High” option. For download, you just need to make sure you have enough free storage space.

Spotify streams at 160 kbps by default. Activating the “Very High” option, you get 320 kbps bitrate, which kinda makes a difference.