How to check if you’re part of a data breach

Learn how to check if your data was stolen during a hack, so you can take proper action.

These days, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid being hacked. When an online app or service you use gets hacked, you get hacked. Read more

How to send encrypted messages on Telegram

Here’s how to enable encryption for messages sent with Telegram

The bad news for all of you that left WhatsApp for Telegram is that you lost the default encryption. Telegram doesn’t encrypt messages by default, like WhatsApp or signal. Read more

How to use only secure HTTPS connections in Firefox

Did you knew that not all the connections to the websites you visit are secure? You need to activate this option to force enable HTTPS.

Our favorite web browser has a new neat security feature, called HTTPS-Only. And what it does it forces all connections made when you open websites to use the more secure HTTPS protocol. Read more

How to Clear Your Browsing History on Chrome for Android

To protect your privacy, you can erase your browsing history on Chrome from Android.

Not necessary to hide anything embarrassing, but from time to time it is a good idea to clear your browsing history. And if you use Chrome on Android, like many of us do, it’s a pretty simple operation. Read more

How to check if your Chrome browser has been compromised

This is how you can check for yourself if your Chrome browser has breaches or your date, including your passwords, are safe.

Google Chrome has nice little hidden feature that let’s you check for security breaches. With a push of a button and a lot of help from AI, you will know how safe your data is. Read more