How to make Safari for Mac to open links in a new tab

Use this Safari option to make it open link in new tab when holding the command buton.

Sometimes, when you read an article and encounter a link that lead to a related story, you want to open that link without losing progress on your current page. Read more

How to block access to your location on Safari for Mac

For more privacy and peace of mind, you can block access to your location for all websites you visit on Safari.

As with most of modern web browsers, Apple’s Safari has plenty of privacy options. Among those, there are options regarding access to location data. Read more

How to Switch to and from Compact Tabs in Safari on Mac

If you love or hate the new Compact tabs on Safari, this is what you need to to.

The Compact tabs mode on Safari, be it on the iPhone, iPad or Mac, is a but controversial. Some people really hate it and want to go back to the previous state.

Fortunately, Apple added the option to freelly between the two modes. Whatever your preference is, you can set it up in Safari’s settings page.

Here’s how to do it:

  • With Safari focused, click the Safari menu on the macOS’s Menu bar;
  • Click Preferences;
  • Go to Tabs;
  • Pick between a Compact and a Separate tab layout.

Don’t know about you, but I for one prefer the new Compact mode, as it gives me more screen estate for the actual websites.

The fastest way to create a new tab in Safari 15

You just need to swipe.

Some people hate the new Safari 15 because of it’s changes, like the new tab bar or the address bar that now sits on the bottom of the screen. I, on the other site, find the new version just great.

One of the coolest hidden feature in Safari 15 is the ability to create a new tab with just swipe on the address bar.

When you’re looking at the rightmost tab, swipe left on the address to open a news tab in Safari.

It’s an awesome gesture that I haven’t seen on any other mobile browser.

How to change the background of the homepage in Safari for iOS 15

Did you knew that you can pick a wallpaper for your homepage in Safari? (new in iOS 15)

Safari brought some nice changes in iOS 15, besides the address bar being moved to the bottom, to be easier accessible with one hand.

One the small new features is the ability to pick a wallpaper for the homepage, among other customization options.

Here’s how to change the homepage background in the new Safari:

  • Scroll down on the first page and tap the Edit button.
  • On the new page enable the Background image option and pick one of the images listed there.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick an image of your own, you just have to settle to one of the pictures available there.