How to save Reels on Instagram

On Instagram, you can save your favorite Reels to watch them later.

Save Reels on Instagram 

When you see a Reel you like, tap the three dots button on the upper right corner and select Save from the shown menu.  Read more

How to hide likes on Instagram Reels

Instagram is trying so hard and so fast to become TikTok and makes so many changes that lets some users confused about many things, like how to hide the like counts on their own Reels.

Reels are nothing more than just short vertical videos that Instagram copied from TikTok. And it’s fine, except some options and UI features are a mess so far. Read more

How to post on Instagram from your PC

It’s official: Instagram lets you post from it’s  web browser version.

It finally happened! You can now post on Instagram from a PC without any tricks.

If you open Instagram on your web browser and see a + sign on the top right corner, it means you can finally post on Instagram from a PC.

After you click the + sign, you just need to select the photos, and do what you usually do when you post from your phone: choose a format, some filters if you wish, maybe add a location and write a description.

The whole process is pretty similar with that on mobile. Doesn’t seem to be anything missing.