How to setup a reminder on Apple Mail

With the latest updates, Apple Mail has became a pretty decent e-mail app. One of nicest things added recently is the ability to add reminders for certain emails.

And it’s actually pretty easy to setup a reminder in Apple Mail for iPhone. Read more

How to make multiple text selections on Google Docs

A new useful feature for Google Docs has the potential to increase your productivity regarding text based documents.

You can now select separate text paragraphs, without selecting the entire text.  Read more

How to quickly compose an email with Gmail for iPhone

Did you knew that there is a way to quickly write a new email on Gmail, without opening the app and following the usual and longer path?

iOS has a nice feature that people tend to forget about, that is actually really useful. If you long tap the icon of an app, you can access a little menu with some of the most useful features.  Read more

How to increase the time to unsend email to maximum

Here’s how to give yourself plenty o of time to undo send email you send with Gmail.

Realizing you made a mistake just after pressing the send button – we’ve all been there. So frustrating!

Fortunately, Gmail has cure for that. It’s called Undo Sent email. This option delays the sending process by a few seconds to give you time to change your mind and recall an email before being sent.

This time, by default, it’s set to 5 seconds. But it can go all the way up to 30 seconds, if you want to.

To change the grace period for the undo sent option in email click cogwheel button in top right corner and the click See al settings.

Now, right in the top screen, you’ll see the Undo Send option. There you can choose your desired period of time for retracting your email.

For some peace of mind, just set it to maximum. That’s 30 seconds which should be enough time to think after sending an email.

How to schedule an email in Gmail mobile

This is how you can send email at a later time with Gmail.

One of the best feature that Gmail got from the now dead Inbox experiment, is the ability to schedule email – to write emails now, but set a future hour or date to be sent.

It’s very nice option in many cases, like not wanting to bother your colleagues in week-end.

Here’s to schedule an email in Gmail on iPhone or Android

Compose the email like you would usually do, but instead taping the send button do this:

  • Tap the three dots button from the upper right corner of the screen;
  • From the menu shown tap where it says “Schedule send”;
  • Now pick the right time. You can choose one of the three default options, or setup the day, hour and minute manually. It’s up to you.
  • Read more