How to delete your Google search history for the past 15 minutes

Did you knew that you can erase your last 15 minute of activity on Google? Here’s how.

Google just lunched a new privacy option for it’s mobile app. It lets you quickly and easily delete your last 15 minutes searches. Read more

How to Clear Your Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

Here’s how to clear your browsing history in Microsoft’s web browser, the new Edge.

Clearing browsing history is mainly a privacy option, that you can use to clear your tracks.

But, it can be more than that. When the cache size gets bigger, clearing it can lead to better functioning for a browser, especially on a slower system. Read more

How to use Incognito Mode in Google Maps

You can use Incognito Mode in Google Maps to protect your privacy by temporarily disabling personal data sharing to Google servers.

Incognito Mode is a relatively new and unknown feature in Google Maps. Like the one in Chrome, this option promises to not save on Google servers the data you generate by using the app. Read more

How to hide your phone number in Telegram

For privacy reasons, you should hide your phone number in Telegram.

Like WhatsApp and other chat apps, Telegram identifies you by your phone number. This also means that your phone number is at risk.

ID theft, spam, robocalls are of the dangers that can start with your phone number. And for this, it’s wise idea to make sure that your phone number is not public. Read more

How to send encrypted messages on Telegram

Here’s how to enable encryption for messages sent with Telegram

The bad news for all of you that left WhatsApp for Telegram is that you lost the default encryption. Telegram doesn’t encrypt messages by default, like WhatsApp or signal. Read more