How to block access to your location on Safari for Mac

For more privacy and peace of mind, you can block access to your location for all websites you visit on Safari.

As with most of modern web browsers, Apple’s Safari has plenty of privacy options. Among those, there are options regarding access to location data. Read more

How to see what personal data your iPhone apps acces

Learn how to check the way your iPhone app access and use your private information.

One of the news features of iOS 15.2 is call App Privacy Report. It’s a page where you can see some insights about your personal information – what and when data is accessed by specific apps, how many external connection apps make and with what servers.

You can find all that going to Settings – Privacy – App Privacy Report (last option on that page).

Here you’ll find all kind of info regarding your own privacy.

For example, I can clearly see what I’ve already known: Facebook and Google apps are the most intrusive, take a lot of my data and spread it in so many places.

You can use this info to make some adjustments, like uninstalling cheeky apps. Loosing some of this app might even have a positive impact on your battery life too.

How to quickly open a Private Tab in Safari for iPhone

You just need one second and two taps to open a private tab in Safari for iPhone.

If you need a little bit of privacy when browsing online using Safari on your Phone you normally open a private tab.

Opening a private tab on mobile Safari is easy, but there is an even faster way to open a private tab in Safari.

You just need to long press the tabs button on the lower right corner of the screen and tab New Private Tab from the menu.

That’s it. Fast and easy!

How to delete your Google search history for the past 15 minutes

Did you knew that you can erase your last 15 minute of activity on Google? Here’s how.

Google just lunched a new privacy option for it’s mobile app. It lets you quickly and easily delete your last 15 minutes searches.

You’ll find this new option in the Google app:

  • Tap your profile picture from the upper right corner;
  • Choose “Delete last 15 mins” from the menu;
  • Order a pizza.

This will delete all your data from the last 15 minutes, no matter the device you used. It’s not just limited to the device you use this option.

For now, this feature can be found on the iOS app. It will arrive shortly on Android too.

How to Clear Your Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

Here’s how to clear your browsing history in Microsoft’s web browser, the new Edge.

Clearing browsing history is mainly a privacy option, that you can use to clear your tracks.

But, it can be more than that. When the cache size gets bigger, clearing it can lead to better functioning for a browser, especially on a slower system.

So, no matter the reason, it’s recommended to clear the cache from time to time.

Here’s how to clear browsing history in Microsoft Edge:

  • Open the main menu by clicking on the three dots button next to your profile picture;
  • Choose Settings from the menu;
  • Go to the “Privacy, search and services” section;
  • Under “Clear browsing data” click the “Choose what to clear” button;
  • Finally select what to clear for what period and time and just click “Clear now”.
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