The easiest way to take long exposure photos on your iPhone

The Live Photos feature on your iPhone camera is a very accessible option for taking long exposure photos.

You don’t need to mess with the exposure settings on your iPhone or buy a third party app to make long exposure photos. All you need is already on your device. Read more

How to reuse photo edits on Apple Photos (iPhone)

Don’t waste your time by making the same edits again and again to all photos you make with your iPhone. You can now copy the edits you make to one photo and apply them to other photos.

This is one of the nicest new features of iOS 16 and not many people know about it – you can copy & paste photo edits. Read more

How to reuse photo edit settings on Apple Photos (macOS Ventura)

În the latest Apple Photos version you can copy the edits you made on a photo and paste to reuse them on another.

Photo editing has received a big speed boost with the latest version of Apple Photos. You no longer need to make the same time consuming edits on a long string of photos. Read more

How to Disable iCloud backup for your iPhone photos

Here’s how you can disable the iCloud backup feature on iPhone and iPad.

By now, you’re already probably worried about the new photo scanning Apple is gonna do to on iPhones and iPads.

It’s not that bad as the press is trying to make it look, but it’s not a good thing for your device ether. It’s another task that will consume energy, but for a good cause – identifying child abuse.

So, disabling iCloud backup for your iPhone or iPad photos is quite easy.

Just open Settings, go to Photos and disable the option called iCloud Photos.

That’s all there is to it.

How to automatically colorize black and white photos online

Have some old black and white photos that you’d like to colorize? Here’s how to do in in less than 30 seconds.

Nothing compares to old photos. The memory they bring is priceless and they are real personal treasures just as they are.

But, sometimes maybe we would like to see how those photos and the people and objects in them would have looked in reality, with color.

Fortunately, today it’s really easy to colorize photos. And you don’t need to pay for it or even to install some program.

  • Go to the Image Colorizer website and upload you photo.
  • Click Start and wait a couple of seconds until the photo is processed.
  • Now just download it on your computer and compare it to the original.
  • Read more