How to remove a Movie from the Continue Watching list on Netflix

Cluttered Continue Watching list on Netflix? Here’s how to clean it up.

Every single movie and show you began watching will be added by Netflix on this Continue Watching list. It’s nice feature, except when it’s not. Read more

How to modify Netflix subtitles on iPhone and iPad

Wanna know how to change the appearance of Netflix subtitle on an iPhone or iPad? Here’s how.

The appearance of Netflix subtitles can’t be modified on the Netflix app or website, as one might expect. Instead they obey the local configuration of your device. Read more

How to Disable Playback Controls on Netflix with Screen Lock

With this new Netflix feature you can lock your smartphone’s screen so you won’t accidentally push any buttons.

Netflix just added a very welcomed feature on their Android app. It’s called Screen Lock and it hides all those buttons that show up when you touch the playback screen. Read more

How to Lock Your Netflix Profile With a PIN

Did you know that you can secure your Netflix profile with a PIN?

Netflix just added the option of locking a profile with a 4-digit code.

This is a cool feature if you want to keep out of your profile the people you share your account. Maybe you don’t want them to know what you’re watching or something. Read more

Top 10 Movies and TV Shows on Netflix – where can you find them

Want to find the Top 10 Movies and TV Shows on Netflix for your country? Here’s how.

After a months long limited test, Netflix finally began adding a Top 10 for it’s movies and another Top 10 for TV shows. Read more