How to download music on Spotify at the best possible quality

Do this if you want to download music on Spotify at he best possible quality.

In a previous post, we walked you through choosing the highest quality for playback on Spotify. Now, we’re going over downloading high quality music for offline listening. Read more

How to enable and configure Spotify’s internal equaliser

Take advantage of the equaliser available in the Spotify app to make your favorite music sound better.

Many users have no idea that Spotify has an equaliser that can be used to make music sound better especially on crapy laptop speakers or many headphones. Read more

How to make sure you listen to best possible quality on Spotify

If you enjoy listening good music, at list do it in style, at the highest possible audio quality.

Streaming services in general, be they for video or audio, prefer to transfer less data. Just because it’s more economical for them. Read more

How to add music to Instagram Reels & Stories

Din you knew that you can add on millions of songs to your Stories and Reels on Instagram?

So Instagram has this huge library of music that let’s you add song to your Reels and Stories. And it’s not just for video, you can add music to your still Stories too.

And it’s easy really.

Create a Story or Reel like you would normally do but look for a music sign which can be on top of the window of hidden in the stickers menu.

One you open the music section, just search for the desired song or pick one from the list. You can tap the play button to check out the song before adding it.

Here’s a video how to on how to add music to Instagram Reels

Here’s a video how to on how to add music to Instagram Stories

You can use music in many creative ways, to publish reach video and photo content.

How to Change Your Profile Picture on Spotify

This is how you can put a face on your Spotify profile.

It may not be the most important thing you can do on Spotify, but maybe you should do your friends and followers a favor and put a face on your profile.

Changing the profile picture on Spotify is not rocket science, but neither the most intuitiv option.

  • You should tap the top right icon on the Home screen to enter Settings;
  • There, tap View profile and then tap Edit Profile under your own picture;
  • Now, tap on your photo an choose one the above option to select a new picture. You can take a selfie, choose a photo or just remove the current picture.
  • Read more