How to Change Your Profile Picture on Spotify

This is how you can put a face on your Spotify profile.

It may not be the most important thing you can do on Spotify, but maybe you should do your friends and followers a favor and put a face on your profile. Read more

How to share your listening activity on Spotify with others

If you want to let your friends know what song you listen on Spotify, the streaming service has a couple of options that can help you with that.

Spotify is not a very social service. And this can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the user’s habit and expectations. Read more

🎵 How to Play Your Own Music on YouTube Music

Use YouTube Music to play music stored on your own device.

YouTube Music is still some way from comparing to Spotify, but it seems to be getting there, though rather slowly.

And there are few unique feature the YouTube Music has to it’s advantage. Like the fact that it benefits from user uploaded music, songs you won’t find on other platforms because of licensing issues. Read more

How to Get the Best Possible Sound Quality on Spotify

Want the best sound quality on Spotify? Here’s how to get it.

If you’re a premium Spotify subscriber, you can enjoy better sound quality then the free tier and better the most other streaming services. Read more

How to Add Music to a Instagram Story

Learn how to add music to your Instagram stories.

If you didn’t know by now, this will be news for you: you can add music to your Instagram stories.

And it’s really simple.

Create your story like you would normally do. Swipe up to bring up the content menu. Read more