How to use Incognito Mode in Google Maps

You can use Incognito Mode in Google Maps to protect your privacy by temporarily disabling personal data sharing to Google servers.

Incognito Mode is a relatively new and unknown feature in Google Maps. Like the one in Chrome, this option promises to not save on Google servers the data you generate by using the app. Read more

How to change the distance units in Google Maps

Want to see the distance displayed in kilometers in Google Maps? Or maybe change it to miles? Here’s how.

We all know how annoying can be to deal with a unit of measure that doesn’t apply in our area. Why would anyone want to see a guide in miles when the country they live in is using the metric system? Read more

How to Find Latitude and Longitude Coordinates on Google Maps

Here’s how to find the latitude and longitude coordinates on Google Maps.

If you need the real world coordinates for a specific place, you can easily find them on Google Maps.

Here’s how to do it on the web version of Google Maps: Read more

Waze: How to create a route on the web and send it to your phone

You can now setup a route on the Waze website and send it to your phone so you can easily start it on your smartphone.

Waze’s newest feature is the ability to configure a route on their website and then send it to your phone. The idea here is that it’s easier to setup the route on a bigger screen and just follow it on your phone when you drive. Read more