How to open any web article without ads and other annoyances on your iPhone

The reading mode available on iPhone can be used automatically so that every web article you open on Safari will strip it down of unwanted stuff like autoplaying videos and ads.

For many years, Safari had a so called reading mode, that you can easily enable by holding down the aA button on its address bar. But, there is an option to always make Safari load articles in this reading mode. Read more

How to share an iPhone app

Here’s how to share an interesting iPhone app you’ve found with your friends.

Latest iOS versions integrate a share app option that you can use to send a friend an App Store link from where he/her can download the respective app. Read more

This is the fastest way of selecting multiple items on an iPhone

You can select multiple items on your iPhone much more quicker that one by one. Here’s the trick.

Normally, to select things on an iPhone you begin by tapping the select button and then selecting the desired items one by one. Read more

How to see what personal data your iPhone apps acces

Learn how to check the way your iPhone app access and use your private information.

One of the news features of iOS 15.2 is call App Privacy Report. It’s a page where you can see some insights about your personal information – what and when data is accessed by specific apps, how many external connection apps make and with what servers.

You can find all that going to Settings – Privacy – App Privacy Report (last option on that page).

Here you’ll find all kind of info regarding your own privacy.

For example, I can clearly see what I’ve already known: Facebook and Google apps are the most intrusive, take a lot of my data and spread it in so many places.

You can use this info to make some adjustments, like uninstalling cheeky apps. Loosing some of this app might even have a positive impact on your battery life too.