How to search a website on iPhone

Here’s how to find a specific word on a website your browse on your iPhone.

If you want to do a search for specific words on a website you visit on iPhone, the Safari browser gives you that option, thou it’s a bit hidden. Read more

How to see what apps you use the most on your iPhone

Your iPhone can keep track of your usage and tell you what apps you use the most and how much time you use a specific app.

Using a phone several hours a day is nothing out of the ordinary these days. But it’s not healthy for everyone. So if you feel like you need to cut down your screen time you ca use Screen Time. Read more

How to wake the iPhone’s screen just by touching it

A neat trick to easily wake your iPhone.

One the most well hidden iPhone features is the ability to wake the screen up just by touching it. Not a double tap, just a single tap.

This is useful for opening the iPhone faster by simply touching the screen, instead of pressing the power button. Read more

How to hide apps from the iPhone’s home screen

Remove apps from your iPhone’s home screen, without deleting them.

This is a new iPhone feature that Android user will laugh at. But it’s ok, we know it’s late to the party. We’re talking, of course, about the ability to remove an app from the home screen without removing it entirely. Read more

How to add and remove articles from Safari’s reading list

Here’s how to use Safari’s reading mode, to add articles that you can read later, even without internet access.

Reading mode is one of Safari’s less know but very useful features. You can save all kind of articles to this list, so you can read them later. Read more