How to schedule a post on Instagram (no third party app required)

You can finally schedule a post on Instagram, using just Instagram! Here’s how.

So Instagram finally added the option to schedule your posts. It’s not really straight forward, but you’ll get used to the procedure after two or three uses. Read more

Instagram is working on an AI chatbot

Meta is betting big on generative AI, the technology that can create new content from existing data. The social media giant is working on several new features that use generative AI for its platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Read more

How to download anything from Instagram

This simple trick will teach you how to quickly download any type of content from Instagram, whether it’s a post, a Reel, an image, or a video.

Despite Instagram’s efforts to protect original content, images and videos posted on the social network owned by Meta can easily be downloaded by any user. Read more

How to send encrypted messages on Instagram

Did you knew that you can encrypt messages sent over Instagram? 

Instagram has started testing end-to-end encryption for messages sent between its users. This allows your messages to be protected by encryption, so that no-one else can read them even of they intercept that data. Read more

Fastest way to share posts and reels on Instagram

Bet you didn’t know this one!

Instagram has an intern sharing future that allows you to sent stuff to your friends – it’s that button that looks like an origami airplane.

You usually tap that and you get a menu from where you can pick the friends you want to send that post or reel. Read more