How to send encrypted messages on Instagram

Did you knew that you can encrypt messages sent over Instagram? 

Instagram has started testing end-to-end encryption for messages sent between its users. This allows your messages to be protected by encryption, so that no-one else can read them even of they intercept that data. Read more

Fastest way to share posts and reels on Instagram

Bet you didn’t know this one!

Instagram has an intern sharing future that allows you to sent stuff to your friends – it’s that button that looks like an origami airplane.

You usually tap that and you get a menu from where you can pick the friends you want to send that post or reel. Read more

How to View Instagram’s Chronological Feed

If your annoyed by the way Instagram makes up your main feed recently, with can use the chronological feed too see the most recent posts.

It’s not obvious at first, but all you need to do is tap the Instagram logo on the top of the app. Read more

How to save Reels on Instagram

On Instagram, you can save your favorite Reels to watch them later.

Save Reels on Instagram 

When you see a Reel you like, tap the three dots button on the upper right corner and select Save from the shown menu.  Read more

How to hide likes on Instagram Reels

Instagram is trying so hard and so fast to become TikTok and makes so many changes that lets some users confused about many things, like how to hide the like counts on their own Reels.

Reels are nothing more than just short vertical videos that Instagram copied from TikTok. And it’s fine, except some options and UI features are a mess so far. Read more