How to clear the cache in Google Chrome

Many rendering problems that occur in the Chrome browser can be solved just by clearing the cache.

Also, cache takes a a lot of space over time and if you happen to run out of space on your device it’s probably a good idea to clear the cache. Read more

How to disable Chrome extensions

When you want to temporarily stop an extension from running in the Chrome browser, you can just disable it without uninstalling it, so that you can re-enable it at a later time.

As opposed to remove, disable is an option that keeps the extension installed, but stops it from functioning until it’s re-enabled. Read more

How to disable Chat & Meet from your Gmail

Tired of the extra features that you need but Google keeps adding to Gmail? Here’s how to disable the most annoying of them.

Gmail is not just an email client anymore. It’s more like Outlook now, with Calendar Tasks and other features Google thinks you want to use and pay for. Read more

How to add and remove shortcuts to Google Chrome start page

Learn how ro customise the start page of Google Chrome, so you easily acces your favorite websites.

The start page of Google Chrome is not the most customisable page ever but it lets you change a fews things, including the shortcuts for your favorite websites. Read more