How to delete your Google search history for the past 15 minutes

Did you knew that you can erase your last 15 minute of activity on Google? Here’s how.

Google just lunched a new privacy option for it’s mobile app. It lets you quickly and easily delete your last 15 minutes searches. Read more

How to change the background on Google’s Chrome home page

Put a landscape on your Chrome’s homepage background.

Chrome’s homepage is not that customizable, or useful for that matter, but with a fresh new background can at list look better.

So here’s how to change the background on the Chrome’s home page. Read more

How to activate Google Chat

Activate and use Google Chat in Gmail for real time communication.

Google Chat is not something new, but, recently, it became free to use for end users, not just a business tool for a price.

It’s like WhatsApp but in Gmail, with the possibility of creating the called rooms, which are nothing more than chat groups. Read more

How to use Incognito Mode in Google Maps

You can use Incognito Mode in Google Maps to protect your privacy by temporarily disabling personal data sharing to Google servers.

Incognito Mode is a relatively new and unknown feature in Google Maps. Like the one in Chrome, this option promises to not save on Google servers the data you generate by using the app. Read more

How to enable the new Live Caption feature in Chrome

Enable the new Live Caption feature, to get a real time subtitle for any online video.

Google just brought to Chrome one the best Pixel features, called Live Caption. Just as the name implies, Live Caption puts a subtitle on any video in real time. Read more