How to disable Conversation View in Gmail

Don’t like the way Gmail is grouping your emails into conversations? Learn right here hot to disable Conversation View.

Conversation View is a feature of modern email clients, including Gmail, that keeps all replies into a thread so that you can easily follow the conversation like in a chat app. Read more

How to disable Meet in Gmail for Android

If you don’t use Meet and hate that Google is forcing it on Gmail, this article is for you.

So, Meet has finally arrived in Gmail, just as Google warned us it would happen. The American giant hopes that Gmail will boost Meet usage numbers and it’s using it’s position to dwarf it’s competitors, aka Zoom. Read more

How to disable Meet in Gmail (iOS, iPadOS)

Don’t care for video chat in Gmail? Here’s how you can disable it.

So Google decided that we all need a video chat tool and added it to the Gmail apps and web versions. Well, some of us don’t actually need this and we would very much like to get rid of the Meet video chat tab and get back to our good old emails. Read more

How to Schedule Send Emails in Gmail

Learn how to schedule email to be sent at a later time in Gmail.

Schedule send is a relatively new feature in Gmail. And it’s actually a pretty useful option.

You can use it for many reasons, from not wanting to bother your colleagues late at night or to just reply with a bit of delay so won’t be bother with another inquiry to fast. Read more

Snooze Your Email to Better Concentrate on Your Current Task (Gmail)

Learn how be more productive by snoozing your emails in order of their priority.

It can be quite difficult dealing a large amount of emails. Not having a work flow and a priority based system can be counterproductive, not to mention error prone. Read more