How to search open tabs in Firefox

Use this neat trick to quickly locate a page when you have too many opened tabs in Firefox.

We’ve all been there. Too many tabs to actually find anything, or wasting a lot of time looking for a web page. Read more

How to hide (and show back) the bookmarks bar on Firefox

Here’s how to customize Firefox interface, by hiding / showing the bookmarks bar.

The bookmarks bar of any browser is that bar that keeps your favorite web sites at a click distance. But, if you don’t use it it’s just a waste of screen space. Read more

How to Make Firefox Always Start With Your Previously Openen Tabs

Here’s how to always open Firefox with previously open tabs.

Firefox, like other web browsers, won’t remember by default you opened tabs. When you close the app, all your tabs are gone.

But here is a simple option to correct this and make Firefox always open with those tabs that you left open when close the app. Read more

How to use only secure HTTPS connections in Firefox

Did you knew that not all the connections to the websites you visit are secure? You need to activate this option to force enable HTTPS.

Our favorite web browser has a new neat security feature, called HTTPS-Only. And what it does it forces all connections made when you open websites to use the more secure HTTPS protocol. Read more

How to change the default web browser on iOS 14 to Chrome, Firefox or other

Want to use some other web browser by default instead of Safari on your iPhone or iPad? Here’s the easy way to do it.

So iOS 14 is upon us and it finally let us to change the default web browser. We can now setup Chrome, Firefox or any other browser as default. Read more