How to customize the Facebook shortcuts bar

Lately, Facebook added the option to choose what buttons show up on the menu bar in the mobile apps. You can use this option to declutter the bar and leave only shortcuts you really use.

Facebook has the bad habit of pushing buttons for the sections or content that they want to bring forward, to get more views and more money from ads. Read more

How to follow someone on Facebook (without adding him as a friend)

On Facebook, you can just follow someone to keep up with their public updates, instead of adding as a friend.

You don’t need to friend anyone on Facebook. In fact, you should only ad your real friends as friends on Facebook. Read more

How to see who’s following you on Facebook (mobile app)

You don’t get notifications for people following you, so you you should check out your followers list to see who can read your posts.

Facebook is not just about friends. It’s about followers too. You can follow people without adding them as friends and they can do the same to you. Read more

How to see who’s following you on Facebook (desktop)

See who’s following you on Facebook and make the necessary adjustments.

Not many people realize, because Meta keep this under wraps, but Facebook actually has a follow feature, just like Twitter. Read more

How to change your Facebook profile picture

Time to change your Facebook profile photo!

If you want your friends to easily recognise you, you need a good and, preferably, new photo to use as your profile picture on Facebook.

For that you need to upload a news photo to your Facebook profile page.

Let’s see how it’s done. We’ll talk you through the iPhone process, but it’s similar for Android phones too.

  • First, go to the More page on your Facebook app.
  • There, tap on “See your profile” under your name.
  • Now, on on your profile page, tap the little camera icon next to where your profile photo should be.
  • Tap “Select Profile Picture” and pick one your local photos.
  • You can edit it or frame it, it’s up to you, but when you’re done tap Save.
  • Read more