How to change the background on Google’s Chrome home page

Put a landscape on your Chrome’s homepage background.

Chrome’s homepage is not that customizable, or useful for that matter, but with a fresh new background can at list look better.

So here’s how to change the background on the Chrome’s home page. Read more

How to enable the new Live Caption feature in Chrome

Enable the new Live Caption feature, to get a real time subtitle for any online video.

Google just brought to Chrome one the best Pixel features, called Live Caption. Just as the name implies, Live Caption puts a subtitle on any video in real time. Read more

How to Make Chrome Always Start With Your Previously Opened Tabs

Make your Chrome browser save your tabs when exiting.

Saving tabs is one the best features web browsers offer. Unfortunately, this option is off by default.

The good news, thou, is that it’s pretty simple turning it on. Read more

How to change the search engine in Chrome

If you wanna quit Google Search but still use Chrome, here’s how.

Google has an immense power over internet and it’s user has little choice when it comes of alternatives. But you can fight this by switching to smaller products and services that have a very little chance of success in a rigged fight with Google. Read more

How to force-enable tab search feature in Chrome

This tip will help you find a specific page when you have many tabs open in Chrome.

Google announced a handy new feature for it’s browser, called Tab Search. When you keep a big number of tabs open, a tab search option will let you find immediately the page you want to switch to. Read more