How to search open tabs in Firefox

Use this neat trick to quickly locate a page when you have too many opened tabs in Firefox.

We’ve all been there. Too many tabs to actually find anything, or wasting a lot of time looking for a web page. Read more

How to Clear Your Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

Here’s how to clear your browsing history in Microsoft’s web browser, the new Edge.

Clearing browsing history is mainly a privacy option, that you can use to clear your tracks.

But, it can be more than that. When the cache size gets bigger, clearing it can lead to better functioning for a browser, especially on a slower system. Read more

How to hide (and show back) the bookmarks bar on Firefox

Here’s how to customize Firefox interface, by hiding / showing the bookmarks bar.

The bookmarks bar of any browser is that bar that keeps your favorite web sites at a click distance. But, if you don’t use it it’s just a waste of screen space. Read more

How to enable or disable vertical tabs on Microsoft Edge

This is how to enable vertical tabs on Microsoft Edge. Vertical tabs are practical and cool!

The Chromium based Edge browser is the first to integrate a vertical tab bar, that will use the vertical space of your display to show your opened tabs. Read more

How to Remove Microsoft Edge Tabs From Alt+Tab Menu on Windows 10

Are Edge tabs getting in the way of your multi-tasking? Here’s how to solve this problem.

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