How to use AI to summarize news on Artifact

Artifact is a relatively recent news app, that uses AI to summarize articles so that you can get to what’s important in just a few seconds.

One of the nicest features of Artifact is the AI summarizer. In a couple of seconds, it tells you the most important part of a news article. Read more

How to rewrite clickbait news titles using Artifact’s AI

The Instagram’s founders news app has a neat little feature that helps you fight clickbait. Here you’ll learn how to use Artifact’s AI to rewrite titles in a journalistic manner.

Artifact is already a great news app, thou it’s pretty new to the market. It uses AI in a couple of ways, one of those being rewriting clickbait titles. Read more

Google Translate will do audio translations in real time

A new feature of Google Translate, based on AI, will facilitate real-time transcription of speech.

At an artificial intelligence conference in San Francisco, Google announced it was working on a new feature for Google Translate that uses this technology. Read more