How to use AI to summarize news on Artifact

Artifact is a relatively recent news app, that uses AI to summarize articles so that you can get to what’s important in just a few seconds.

One of the nicest features of Artifact is the AI summarizer. In a couple of seconds, it tells you the most important part of a news article. Read more

How to rewrite clickbait news titles using Artifact’s AI

The Instagram’s founders news app has a neat little feature that helps you fight clickbait. Here you’ll learn how to use Artifact’s AI to rewrite titles in a journalistic manner.

Artifact is already a great news app, thou it’s pretty new to the market. It uses AI in a couple of ways, one of those being rewriting clickbait titles. Read more

Instagram is working on an AI chatbot

Meta is betting big on generative AI, the technology that can create new content from existing data. The social media giant is working on several new features that use generative AI for its platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Read more

How to use Google Translate for Real Time Transcription

Here’s how you translate in real time using Google Translate.

The latest Google Translate feature allows us to make real time translation. To be correct, they’re transcription because they transform spoken language in text.

So, the Transcribe option lets you translate speech in real-time. You just keep the phone near the speaker and you’ll see the words pop-up on your screen.

It’s very easy. When you notice a new button in the Google Translate app, called Transcribe, try it.

For now it just works for eight languages: English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

This option will be greyed out if you select other languages than those supported. You can’t use Transcribe with the Italian language, for example.

Watch it here at work:

Also, keep in mine that for this feature to work you need a working internet connection. This uses Tensor Processing Units, for machine learning tasks, and this chips are on Google’s servers.

It’s not perfect, as it tends to pick the wrong words sometimes and it depends very much on the quality of sound and the background noise.

Hopefully, in the near future the real time translation with Google Translate will get better and will support other languages too.

Google Translate will do audio translations in real time

A new feature of Google Translate, based on AI, will facilitate real-time transcription of speech.

At an artificial intelligence conference in San Francisco, Google announced it was working on a new feature for Google Translate that uses this technology. Read more