Stage Manager on macOS Ventura

How to enable Stage Manager on macOS

Stage Manager is a new task manager for macOS, but you must enable it manually.

One of the biggest news features of macOS Ventura is called Stage Manager – a new task manager that Apple thinks it will improve working with multiple apps and windows.

Except not all users are thrilled about it and even Apple doesn’t seem to be so sure now – the new feature is just optional, it’s not activated by default.

So if you want to try it or even get to use it on a daily basis you need to first enable it.

And you this from the new Settings app, that resembles the Settings app from the iPhone and iPad.

So click de Apple icon from the menu bar and open System Settings. Go to the Desktop & Dock section and scroll down. You’ll see a Stage Manager option which you’ll have to enable.

You can also customize a few aspects from there like the way windows from the same app are treated or if you want recent apps to be shown or hidden.

So far, Stage Manager seems just like a 3D lateral dock but hopefully will get better in time.

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